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 Total Hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement (CHR) is an excellent cure option for people in their advanced stage of the degenerative hip disease. A CHR for these patients can bring a considerable decrease in pain with most of the patients regaining all the normal range of motions and their physical capability after the completion of the recuperative process.

Total Hip Joint Replacement is only done when patients undergoing non-operative treatments fail to achieve respite from arthritis symptoms. Under a CHR, the procedure actually involves surgically removing the arthritic parts of the joint (cartilage & bone), replacing the "ball & socket" part of the joint with artificial components prepared from metal alloys, and inserting high-performance bearing surface between the metal parts.

After the operative procedure, a patient usually gets to spend some days in the hospital (5 to 10 days at the max in most cases. Post surgery, most of the patients have to use a walker for an initial period of 4-6 weeks, later on, they would resort to walking with the help of a walking stick for another 4-6 weeks before they can start their normal movement without any help or support.




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